Thank you! and woohoo! You've just taken a first, exciting step toward manifesting your dream relationship! 

Believing in possibility is so important, and the techniques I've just sent to your inbox (don't worry if they take a few minutes to get there ;) are going to get you squarely on that path. 

I do have to be honest with you, though... 

There's a little more to being really ready for the love of your life to appear.

Let me tell you, I've been there...

I left my 9-year marriage because I was stifled and seriously depressed...

Only to fall head over heels for an unavailable man who controlled me completely...

And the next man I fell for started off seeming available but then really wasn't...

What in the world was going on?

Why was I giving away my power, my value, to these men? Why was I attracting a similar kind of relationship over and over again (one that made me feel invisible), even when I thought I was doing everything I could to change?


And why couldn't I create a healthy, loving relationship -- when I knew that what I wanted most in the world was to love and be loved completely?

Then, something miraculous happened: I ran across a copy of Calling in "The One": Seven Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life... 

And, when I was finally ready to face the work that it asked me to do, it changed my life


I worked through the daily exercises twice on my own – the ones that asked me to take account of and then release my past; the ones that asked me to decide what I wanted and who I’d need to be to get it – and, again, miraculous things began to happen. I started speaking my truth. Making braver choices. Standing up for what I wanted and needed. Acknowledging and overcoming my own fears. Being happier!

Finally, wanting to share this profound healing process with others, I signed up for an intense 6-month coach-training program with the book’s author, Katherine Woodward Thomas.


Part of that training was to get coached myself, and it was through the coaching process that I finally learned how my deep beliefs of “I’m unlovable,” “I’m alone,” and “I need to be invisible” were at the root of why I couldn't create -- and, subconsciously, didn't even believe in! -- happy, healthy love.


These beliefs were why I chose to focus on men who were unavailable, or sabotaged things with any man who was available. All in the service of creating evidence for what I already believed to be true!

Meanwhile, I’d also done what is human nature to do – ignore or discredit the evidence that proved the opposite of what I believed.

Does any of my story sound familiar to you?

Have you, for example: 

  • given away your power in previous relationships, believing you needed to meet someone else’s needs at the expense of your own in order to be loved?

  • become afraid that loving someone else would mean losing yourself again?


  • become exhausted from living out the same, failed relationship patterns over and over again?

  • given up believing that you'll ever find happy, healthy love with a partner who lights you up and is all you could dream of?

  • wished and wished that you could change these old stories and believe in true love again, but you just don't know how?


If so, I want to tell you there's hope. Your story really can change...

See, the real miracle of Calling in "The One" is that it really does clear away any obstacles you might have to creating happy, healthy love. And the coaching process even works to shift those subconscious beliefs that have created your experience up till now!

(In my case, as I began shifting my old beliefs and showing up differently, demanding to be visible and valued, I've been able to create a happy, healthy relationship -- the first one I've ever had! -- with a man who's everything I ever dreamed of and more!)

I became a Calling in "The One" love and relationship coach because I want to share this miraculous, life-changing, empowering process with other women -- women like me who've always struggled to be happy in their love relationships and didn't understand why.

I would so love to help you uncover and embrace your authentic self, achieve your dreams and the fulfillment of love in your life...

(I have to tell you, the process isn't always easy, but the results are so worth the effort!)

What would it be worth to you to:

  • transform the patterns in your life that are causing your unhappiness?

  • heal what's been holding you back?

  • discover and live out the rest of your life as your most authentic, empowered self?

  • create happy, healthy, lasting love with the partner of your dreams?

(I LOVE thinking of you creating all of this for yourself! And I love knowing that I have the tools to help you do it...)

But don't just take it from me. Take it from my client Heather, who, at 36 years old, had never had a healthy, committed relationship...

She says:

"For most of my life, I have suffered from fears that I would always be alone, while simultaneously longing to experience love and share my life with someone. I had become a broken record of loneliness, and I was ready to do something different. 

"When Ellen and I began the coaching process, I was just as hopeful as I was skeptical. The mention of miracles made me cringe; it was so hard to believe that anything could really change. However, Ellen's gentle yet persistent and powerful coaching guided me through the CITO lessons, She provided the exact guidance I needed to face the false beliefs that had kept me from finding happiness with another person, and she held me accountable for things I said I wanted but worried I would never have.

"I would recommend Ellen's coaching expertise to anyone. She has been through the process herself and knows how impactful it can be even if you might have moments of doubt. Within a few months of finishing the coaching sessions with her, I found myself in a loving relationship committed enough to talk about a future that promised all of the things I always wanted. I can't thank Ellen enough for the role she has played in helping me to see this vision into reality, and can attest to how deep of an impact she makes in the lives of others."

Now, if, after all of this, you're still reading, there must be a good reason. In fact, there must be a reason why you saw my ad and landed on this page to begin with.

So, tell me...

Are you ready to change your relationship patterns for good and finally call in happy, healthy love with the partner of your dreams?

Now, I know we're in a really scary time right now. There's so much that we can't control.

But I'm also guessing that you have more time to yourself than usual.

And what we can control is whether we spend this challenging time contracted in fear -- or invest it in expanding our capacity to love. 

What would it feel like to commit to investing some of this time to making yourself stronger, more enlightened, and more ready to create the life you really want when this is all over?

I know, the idea of change -- especially profound change -- can be scary! (And don't we have enough to be afraid of right now?)

But, as the saying goes, if we want our lives to improve, if we want our dreams to come true, we have take action -- we have to "feel the fear and go ahead anyway!"

(Hoo, boy!)

So, how about it? 

Would you like to have a free, 30-minute conversation with me to explore whether Calling in "the One" coaching could be right for you?

If you're still on the fence, consider this.

I would love to talk to you about coaching if:

  • you are serious about committing to your own growth and happiness 

  • you are serious about calling in the love of your life and creating a happy, healthy relationship

  • you have embarked on your own healing journey to the point that you're prepared to take full responsibility for your destiny!

Is this you? I hope so! :)

I'm taking on just 8 new clients between now and April 15, and these spots will go quickly!



How much would it be worth to you to feel empowered to make all your dreams come true?

To shed all those old stories and fears that have been holding you back?

Would it be worth $10,000? $25,000? More? Could you even put a price on it?

What would you be willing to invest on behalf of the future of your dreams?

Now, here's a chance that's not going to come around again...

If you commit to your coaching journey before April 15  (woohoo!), you'll receive my Recommended coaching package (which takes you through the entire Calling in "The One" program plus offers two months of additional support) for just $1497. (Packages with more or less support are available also. Prices will go up after April 15.)

Powerful woman,

On behalf of your future self, please don't wait...

Please book your FREE 30-minute discovery call to see if we're a match, so I can help you get started Calling in "The One"

I can't wait to hear from you! :)

In loving partnership,


P.S. Interested, but need a little more info? Visit my website by clicking below. You can still book a discovery call after you've explored the site.