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Your subconscious is blocking you from getting what you want

Updated: Aug 23

Happy 2021! With the new year underway, you’re probably thinking about all you want to accomplish this year. Maybe you’ve even made some resolutions — or even created an intention statement.

Or maybe you’ve been avoiding thinking about resolutions at all (let alone a big intention!) because you feel like, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to stick with them.

Why is that? What actually prevents people from sticking to their goals? (Spoiler alert… it’s not because you’re lazy!)

Here’s the truth:

Your subconscious beliefs are blocking you — not because they hate you! — but because they are trying to protect you and keep you safe.

This could be in the area of love, or in any area of life that you're trying to make a change.

For example, let’s say that our new Covid economy has led you to launch an online consulting business. You know you’re really good at what you do, and you’re excited to offer your services to clients who you know will really benefit from them. You’re primed for success – all you have to do is get the word out!

You make a plan for X number of Facebook ads, building a website, and so on. You have target dates, you have your verbiage set –

Then, suddenly, you’ve got every excuse in the book not to follow through. The cat throws up, so you have to clean the entire house, of course.

You’ve always meant to reorganize the pantry, while you’re at it.

And what ARE the right colors for your website, anyway? You can’t possibly go forward with building ANYTHING until you’ve mocked up samples and shown them to at least twelve friends for their opinion, right?

Before you know it, months have passed and you haven’t done ANYTHING you set your mind to, and your new business is sputtering and sinking before it’s barely launched.

Sound familiar?

Now, what if I told you that, instead of beating yourself up for not meeting your goals, you could see your own counterproductive behavior as a window into your subconscious?

And that, once you’ve brought to light whatever subconscious belief is blocking or sabotaging you, you can actually (quickly and painlessly!) REMOVE that belief so that you can then move forward unimpeded!

Here’s how it works: Returning to our example, your behavior here is clearly a sign that you have a fear of being visible.

Because somewhere, back when you were five years old or so, while your brain was still at its most impressionable, someone laughed at you when you did or said something that made you stand out from the crowd — and that five-year-old part of you decided right then and there that she was going to BLEND IN from HERE ON OUT! Anything to avoid the pain of being laughed at!

We all have beliefs like this, born of experiences as simple as that, that are trying to help us avoid pain and stay safe, and they can easily sabotage the goals we make in our present lives — not to mention the very future we say we’re determined to have!

The key to changing these beliefs is to connect with that child part of you and convince her that 1) she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore, and 2) that you, the wise adult, are going to run things from now on, while simultaneously keeping HER safe.

That’s exactly what the True You Awakening process (which I learned straight from its creator Katherine Woodward Thomas) that I use in my coaching does.

Now, can you see behaviors as you search for a romantic partnership that are actually blocking you from getting what you want?

Are you ready to change them and move forward toward the happiness and true love that you deserve?

I’m confident that, in just 8 weeks of Calling in "The One" Coaching with me, you’ll not only become clear on the future you desire, but you’ll experience major breakthroughs that will allow you to become the person you need to be to see your vision through into reality.

Click here to book your FREE 30-minute discovery call now and let's get started!

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