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Now offering Intuitive Support Coaching

We’ve all had a lot of change — ins and outs, ups and downs, paralyzing fears and devastating losses and sometimes strange, unexpectable gains — to cope with in the past eighteen months.

How are you doing now? Are you taking a deep breath or two?

I’m finding these days that privately, most people are expressing a sense of overwhelm, exhaustion, even frustration.

These are clearly products of the unrelenting stress of the past year-plus — made almost more painful now by the pressure we all feel to just “get on with things,” at full-throttle speed, no less.

As a love and relationship coach, my usual program is to guide clients through a goal-driven self-transformation program to clear away the baggage of the past and prepare for and “call in” the love of their life.

But, right now, I’m realizing, people are pretty much too overwhelmed to set even one more goal, let alone do the deep (and sometimes painful) work of self-transformation, or face the massive (even if welcome) change that it is to welcome a new relationship/love into their life.

So, I’ve begun offering people “intuitive support coaching,” in which I use all my healing and coaching skills to help them simply accept, be (and, ultimately, thrive and be happy) where they are right now.

This work is not as much about transformation (though transformation may result) as it is about just knowing you’re okay, you’re not alone, and you’ve got this.

So what, exactly, is intuitive support coaching?

It's completely personalized, laser-focused coaching, based solely on your needs, desires, and what concerns you bring to the table. Whatever you're going through, I'll guide you through a healing, inspiring, empowering, life-affirming session, pulling what I sense you need from my coaching toolbox, which includes such tools as:

  • Deep, intuitive listening in a safe, supportive space

  • Reprogramming of subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back

  • Personalized guided meditations and visualizations

  • Creation of personalized power statements

  • Energy healings

  • Oracle card readings for insight from Spirit

  • Creation of an action plan for moving forward toward the future you desire

You will end the session feeling as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and feeling empowered to take on whatever comes next. Sound good? Schedule your session today! "I don't know many coaches who are the real deal like you and who really get to the heart of the matter so quickly. I loved our session so much yesterday. I had the BEST day I've had in a long while. Thank you for being a great coach, and for helping me to accept the goodness the universe offers." – Lara Z., Michigan

This opportunity is for you right now if:

  • You’re feeling a lack of support in your life and uncertain if you can accomplish what your heart wants

  • You’re needing a burst of extra energy to get unstuck

  • You’re looking for clarity on where to go next, as well as a plan on how to get there

  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your destiny

Intuitive coaching sessions with me are not for you at this time if:

  • You’re currently clinically depressed or dealing with other mental health struggles (please seek appropriate help)

  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your destiny

  • You’re comfortable with being unclear, unfocused, and uninspired

Would you like to move from overwhelm and lack of clarity into a feeling of clarity and empowerment – in just one hour?

If "yes!," then click here to message me and I'll get back to you to set up your Zoom session. (Package pricing is also available for multiple sessions.)

Can't wait to hear from you!

Photo by guy stevens on Unsplash

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