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Creating a vision for your future: Vision Boards

Lesson 5 in the Calling in “The One” book asks you to create a collage that represents the fulfillment of love in your life – “a portrait of your life in which romantic love coexists with other things that you love and need in your life in order to feel fulfilled.”

Lately, I’ve been working with some of my clients in depth on just this process. In addition to their written intention statements, they're now creating visual representations of the life they desire -- and the process is really up-leveling what they're standing to create for themselves.

So, why does creating a vision board have the power to up-level your entire future?

For one thing, creating a collage or vision board helps add a new level of clarity to your understanding of what you actually desire. When you say you want a partnership but all the images on your vision board turn out to be of people on solo adventures, recognizing that creates the opportunity ask: Do I not truly believe partnership is possible for me? Or am I afraid of it in some way? Do I relish my freedom more than I relish the idea of having a partner? Or do I need to adjust my beliefs on what is really possible for me?

Or, you might find -- to your surprise! -- that you simply no longer want what you’d believed you did. (We can come to believe we want all kinds of things, especially when our culture or friends or family tell us we should want them.)

To start making your vision board, just gather together a big pile of your favorite magazines. As you page through them, tear out images of anything that appeals to you -- without thinking too much about it or judging yourself.

If you end up with a ton of images, you might want to curate them down, this time putting some thought (and heart) into asking which of these images reflect what it is that you truly want. Then, it's time to put the pieces together!

The vision board/collage itself can take any creative form you want. And don't use "I'm not creative" as an excuse! A simple piece of poster board and a glue stick or tape works just fine. The important thing is that, as you put together these pictures of things -- or words or phrases -- that you wish to draw into your life, you're creating an overall image of the life you desire.

Looking at the images you select will create feelings of happiness and fulfillment as you imagine having those things in your life.

And, as manifestation always begins with letting yourself experience feeling as if what you desire is already yours, you’ll be on your way to making your vision into reality.

When your vision board is complete, put it up where you can see it daily, if not several times a day. As you experience feelings of fulfillment and happiness each time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of the future you’re working to co-create -- and inspired to keep at it!

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