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Creating a new life after divorce

Calling in “The One” is a perfect resource to help people who’ve gone through a divorce create a new life afterward. Even though, at the time she wrote the book, Katherine Woodward Thomas had never been married or divorced, the strategies she offers in it to clear away old obstacles, beliefs and patterns and create a vision of happy, healthy love are just what the doctor ordered for someone who’s experienced divorce. Here’s why:

Most people walk down the aisle with a boundless sense of optimism and joy, never imagining that their perfect love story will end in divorce.

Whatever the circumstances that led to the end of your marriage, by the time you’re divorced, your idealism and joy have certainly taken a hit. So, too, your ability to trust others, your perception of yourself (Am I lovable? Can I trust my own judgment?), and the future you’d invested in and imagined up till now. You’re probably wondering not just what your future’s going to look like, but who you actually are.

You may be carrying feelings of anger and resentment, failure or shame, at the same time you’re learning to navigate new neighborhoods or new living situations in a whole new way. If you have kids, you’re learning to co-parent, too.

And conflicted emotions, ups and downs, highs and lows? You bet.

It’s easy to see why you could feel like you’re in a tiny boat in a rough sea, and it’s all you can do just to keep bailing, trying not to sink.

Calling in “The One” – whether or not you’re currently looking for or open to a new love – can help heal not only the pain of your divorce but also the patterns that created your unsuccessful relationship. That way, whenever you decide that you would like to seek out a new partner, you’ll be ready! Forget repeating the mistakes of your past. You’ll be ready to create happy, healthy love.

From personal experience, I can tell you it really works!

As a divorced woman myself, I've experienced all the emotions I talk about above, along with the ambivalence of wanting to experience love and partnership again, while also being afraid that I'll a) lose my freedom and/or b) just mess things up again and cause myself (and someone else) more pain.

Working with Calling in “The One” helped me to truly understand the subconscious patterns that were at work in my life creating these and other beliefs and, consequently, relationships that were ultimately unsuccessful. I began to learn ways to behave differently so I could have better outcomes.

Working the process also helped me to evaluate and understand who I am now and what I want, at this new stage of my life, and overcome my fears to start creating the new future I envision.

I’ve seen the process work for my many divorced clients, too.

You once had the faith, idealism and open-heartedness to take a chance on love. With a bit of work and determination, you can have them again, making yourself ready to step into a beautiful new future -- whenever you choose.

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