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Coping with the pain of change

Updated: Jan 15

Doing the work of self-transformation obviously means big changes to you and to your whole life.

And you're ready for big change, or you wouldn't be going after it, right?

But, for a second, let's acknowledge that it isn't always going to be easy.

As you begin to shift old, subconscious beliefs – realizing they were never true, anyway – you begin to operate in the world differently.

When your old belief “I’m worthless” changes to “I am worth my weight in gold,” you’d better believe you’re going to show up differently!

You may encounter resistance from those around you.

You may find that old friendships and relationships no longer nourish you – or perhaps they never did, and you’ll begin to realize how much more you need.

Patterns of serving others’ needs before you serve your own will change into a healthy acceptance of and respect for your own needs. Healthier boundaries.

And you may end up finding yourself in a painful gap of losing old, familiar relationships (whether romantic or otherwise) before new ones come along.

It can be lonely at times. And did I mention painful? Yes!

But this is the moment to lean into the pain. Realize it’s simply a “growing pain.”

And that what waits on the other side is the light and possibility of your new life.

No more overgiving.

No more suffering in silence.

No more self-sabotage or unhappiness.

Realize that those who truly love you will roll with your changes and ultimately be grateful for them, because your changes will mean greater happiness for them, too!

Realize that what’s waiting for you on the other side of change is healthy, happy love. Profound, authentic connection.

Self-acceptance and self-love.

As someone who’s gone through the pain (and joys!) of change, and recently come into authentic, over-the-moon-happy union with the man of my dreams, I understand the process – and I can’t wait to help coach you through on your journey toward happiness, fulfillment, and love.

Message me today and say “I’m in!” to set up your free 30-minute discovery call. Your soulmate is waiting for you!

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