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Believing in Love after Divorce

While there’s a lot of healing work to be done after divorce, I'm going to give you a quick, easy technique you can use in order to begin one of the most important steps in the process: continuing to believe in love.

You can do this right now, on your own, without even going outside (and certainly without attending a speed dating event)!

It begins with being aware of the words you say to yourself. The thoughts you think – and your beliefs about what’s possible – have a huge impact on the future that you have the power to create.

While it may be difficult sometimes – especially if you’re newly divorced – to leap straight to positive thoughts about love and possibility, I advise starting out with asking “What Would it Take” questions.

I love these questions especially because they don’t require you to have an answer. They require you only to have sufficient faith – or even just the momentary temerity – to ask the question.

In this case, some questions you can begin to ask yourself are:

  • “What would it take for me to believe in love?”

  • “What would it take for me to believe in my power to create my own future?”

  • “What would it take for me to believe that anything is possible?”

Feel how, energetically, possibility begins to open up right away!

Now, going forward, if you catch yourself thinking negatively about love or your future possibilities, tell that negative thought to “Stop!” – and ask a “What Would it Take” question instead.

You'll be planting the seeds for optimism to begin to flourish.

And, as you continue to train your thoughts and ask yourself these questions, repeatedly, day after day, your attitudes will begin to shift, and you will begin to heal – and to open up to the possibilities of more healing, more growth, more love, and a bright, beautiful new future.

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