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5 Ways to Create More Love in Your Life Today

One of my favorite lessons in Calling in "The One" is Day 3, which asks you to name all that you want and need from your partner in a relationship -- and then begin giving those things to yourself. "I need to be supported" becomes "I support myself." "I need to be appreciated" becomes "I appreciate myself."

As you act with love and care toward yourself, you become more receptive to receiving love and care from your (future) partner. You also realize how deserving you are!

And by embodying the energy of love in this way, over time you become the kind of person that others consider it a privilege to be able to give these things to!

With this in mind, here are five simple things you can do today to create more love in your life:

1. Buy or pick yourself a bouquet of flowers

2. Cook yourself your favorite healthy meal

3. Take yourself someplace just for fun

4. Get rid of an item of clothing that you've never liked, and buy one that you absolutely love

5. Notice and appreciate something you've accomplished, and give yourself a glowing compliment

Finally, as you go through your day and encounter frustrations and fatigue, decisions and challenges, make a practice of asking yourself: How would I act in this moment if I truly loved myself?

Then listen to the answer and do just that.

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