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Choose Your Own Path to Fulfillment

Start with a free Discovery Call, move on to an Introductory Session to thoroughly explore the options, then choose whether to move ahead focusing on your love life with Calling in "The One" coaching, or on achieving wholeness and fulfillment in other areas of your life -- career, family, or any other area of potential co-creation -- with North Star coaching.

Discovery Call

In this 30-minute Discovery Call, we'll get right to the heart of the matter, talking about your story, your patterns, what you'd like to change and the future you want to create in this quick, laser-focused exploration of whether my coaching programs could be right for you.



Introductory Session

Let's get to know each other! In this one-hour introductory session, I'll learn about your history and what you believe your ideal future would look like. You'll gain clarity on what you're really after and what's been holding you back, learn how my coaching process can transform your life -- and decide if the time is right for you to create miracles in your life!

In each coaching program, after each session, you'll receive detailed notes from me to track your progress and direct your learning, plus personalized guided action steps tailored to empower you and integrate your learning into transforming your life right now


While the benefit of each initial seven-week coaching package is enormous, exponential benefit can be gained also from including follow-up integration sessions to synthesize your learning and integrate your new patterns of being as you move into your beautiful new life.  For that reason, I offer the following package levels so that you may maximize the benefit of coaching services:

Calling in "The One" Coaching

Call in the love of your life and your dream relationship! Over seven sessions, typically covered in seven weeks, you will discover and let go of old beliefs and ways of being that have kept you from happy, healthy love and set a new course for the future, becoming magnetic to your new love in the process!


During these seven weeks, you commit to reading and doing the daily lessons from the Calling in "The One" book, as well as to the additional work of our weekly sessions. 

Throughout the process, I use my intuitive healing gifts to guide you through shifting old patterns that haven't been serving you in relationships up till now. I help you see and define the person you need to be to co-create the relationship of your dreams -- and support you as you move forward, empowered.

North Star Coaching

Clarify your life purpose and become who you need to be to fulfill it! Over seven sessions, typically covered in seven weeks, we get to the bottom of what you were put on this earth to do and set about the work of beginning to co-create it!

During these seven weeks, you commit to completing daily reading, lessons and exercises, as well as to the additional work of our weekly sessions.

What makes this program different that what most life purpose coaches offer? I not only help you through to the insight of your purpose, I use the True You Awakening Process taught to me by Katherine Woodward Thomas, along with my intuitive healing gifts, to uncover the root causes of what's been stopping you from achieving your dreams up till now -- and we do the work to shift those beliefs at the source so that nothing will be holding you back. After working with me, you'll not only have clarity on your purpose, but you'll be ready and able to create a future that is not defined by your past!



The commitment:

7 transformative coaching sessions, clearing away old obstacles and empowering you to co-create a future that is not defined by your past.

Recommended Package

The commitment:

7 transformative sessions, plus 4 bespoke follow-up sessions to integrate your learning and ground in your transformation



The commitment: 

7 transformative sessions, plus 8 bespoke follow-up sessions to integrate your learning, ground in your transformation, & move forward with co-creating your dream future

Total Transformation Annual Support Package

The commitment: 

7 transformative sessions, plus 22 bespoke follow-up sessions - roughly one every two weeks for a year - to integrate your learning, ground in your transformation, and provide total support as you co-create your dream future

Bride and Groom

Integration Sessions

For my coaching graduates, integration sessions, designed to integrate your learning and maintain your focus on creating the future of your dreams, may also be booked and continued at any time. In these sessions, I work with you to continue to cultivate new ways of relating to yourself and others, supporting, grounding and synthesizing the profound shift you’ve made and are making in creating the life you've dreamed of. Detailed notes, recordings, and action steps are included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a coach? 

There's certainly plenty you can do on your own to work toward your dream future, including working through the Calling in "The One" book, and I hope you'll take whatever steps you can for yourself! But hiring a coach is like hiring a personal trainer at the gym. With an expert to both train you and keep you accountable, you're going to stay on track and have better, faster results.

Also, coaching doesn't just check up on your progress with the homework! We go deep, using tools such as guided visualizations, guided meditations, and techniques to reprogram the subconscious beliefs that have been running your show and sabotaging your happiness. Additionally, with my background in Reiki healing and shamanic work, I work at the energetic level to shift any energies and remove any blocks that have been holding you back from the future you desire.

Why would I want more than 7 sessions?

While, as long as you give it everything you've got, you'll experience huge 

transformation after working with me for 7 sessions, the gym analogy applies here, too.  Without regular "exercise," the brain can easily fall back into old patterns and ways of thinking. Your old patterns have been developed over a lifetime, so changing them for good requires a commitment to "re-training" your brain so that the new beliefs become ingrained. Follow-up sessions are bespoke, tailored to your exact needs. Additionally, as layers of old beliefs are shifted, continued healing becomes possible at even deeper levels. 

With continued accountability and coaching, you can continue your growth as you co-create your dream future. We can also make sure you stay on track and that your new ways of being will serve you for the rest of your life!

Are you the coach for me?

If, in the past, you've given your power away and played small, I can help you overcome your old patterns, begin living from your empowered center and open yourself up to extraordinary happiness, using all I've learned not only as a certified Calling in "The One" coach but in my 10-year journey healing myself from depression, chronic fatigue and codependent relationships. I will guide you through from feeling powerless to empowered in the knowledge that you can create the life of your dreams and live in alignment with your true purpose. 

That being said, coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, and if you have active depression, addictions, or other mental health issues, please seek appropriate help and healing before contacting me about coaching. To work with me, you should have embarked on your own healing journey to the point that you're prepared to take full responsibility for your destiny. 

"Ellen Baker is a gifted coach -- compassionate and insightful and exceptionally gifted in guiding conversation and deep reflection toward inner understanding. With her help, I released the ties that bound me to my past and defined what I wanted for my future. She created a safe and supportive space to discuss difficult topics. The work with Ellen was so worth it. I am still amazed that 10 months after starting the program I met the man I was looking for. "

Carrie, 54, Minnesota

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