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Intuitive love mindset coach


I became a certified Calling in "The One" coach because I believe absolutely in this revolutionary process and wanted to share it, to help people -- women like me in midlife, especially, who had experienced the pain of divorce or who were otherwise at a place of needing to reinvent themselves and their lives -- to break out of old patterns and limiting beliefs to create new, happy, healthy, extravagant love. The reason I really do this is because I believe the more we can all let go of our past limitations -- and love and be loved without reserve -- the better off the world will be. In the words of my mentor and Calling in "The One" author Katherine Woodward Thomas, each of our individual healing is "a drop in the collective bucket," and it makes a difference to the whole world. Now more than ever, the creation of more love -- of happy families and nurturing communities -- is vital to us all.

Why do I have such faith in Calling in "The One"? Because it worked for me! I ran across a copy of the book at a bookstore in Rockland, Maine, seven years after my 2010 divorce. Working the process helped me to see that not only was I creating unsuccessful patterns in my relationships -- but also that I had the power to change them, face my fears, and learn to love authentically. After working the Calling in "The One" program and being coached through it myself, I have since come into happy union with the man of dreams (that's us below!).

Being a coach evolved naturally for me from a lifelong study of romantic relationships and the history of ideas about gender. With a B.A. in psychology and M.A. in American Studies, I’ve also worked as a writer, editor, bookseller, and museum curator. More than anything, I love stories -- and I love that the Calling in "The One" process gives us all the power to rewrite ours.

With roots in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I lived on the coast of Maine for a decade, then relocated to Newport, RI, in mid-2020 to live with the love of my life! I work with people over Zoom, Skype, in person, or over the phone. Wherever in the world you are, I'd love to meet with you for a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to see whether Calling in "The One" coaching is right for you.

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“As an experienced therapist myself, I found Ellen to be extremely perceptive, intuitive and right on point with the manner in which she guided me through Calling in "The One.”  Based on my responses to questions or practices along with the themes identified in the book, she was able to guide me to places of understanding I was amazed by. It was an absolute joy to spend what I considered to be invaluable time during seven weeks of coaching!” 

Kristin, 55, Maine