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My Story

Hello! I'm Ellen Baker, a certified Calling in 'The One' coach personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of the national bestseller Calling in "The One". I specialize in helping women in midlife shift their subconscious beliefs -- and therefore change their destinies! --  using proven Calling in 'The One' coaching practices plus my own unique intuitive healing gifts. Are you ready to co-create the life and love of your dreams? Get in touch to learn more.

Have you: 


  • become exhausted from living out the same, failed relationship patterns over and over again?

  • become discouraged about love and unsure whether there's really anyone out there for you?

  • wished you could believe that true love is possible for you, but you just don't know how?


In as little as 7 sessions with me, you will:


  • Become centered in your own power


  • Uncover your most authentic self


  • Shift your subconscious beliefs and awaken to your own value and healthy needs

  • Shed any inner obstacles that have been blocking you from the fulfillment of love in your life

  • Feel safe and secure to love authentically

  • Become magnetic to love and invite in your dream partner

  • Learn skills to help maintain happy, healthy love long into the future

Are you ready?

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“Gentle yet persistent, powerful coaching...  The exact guidance I needed... Within a few months of finishing coaching sessions with Ellen, I found myself in a loving relationship committed enough to talk about a future that promised all of the things I had always wanted."

— Heather, 36, Maine

"I found Ellen to be extremely perceptive, intuitive and right on point... I am already planning my next opportunity to work with her!" 

— Kristin, 55, Maine

I will help you:


  • transform the patterns in your life that have been causing your unhappiness

  • heal what's been holding you back

  • become who you need to be to fulfill your life's purpose & call in your true love

  • & set yourself up to experience happiness and fulfillment far beyond what you could've previously imagined!

Rose Blossom

Plant the seeds right now, and, in a year, your life will be totally different. Just imagine it!


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The Mission of Ellen Baker Coaching:


By December 2021, to empower 100,000 women to

  • uncover and embrace their authentic selves,

  • achieve their dreams 

  • and go on to contribute grace, kindness, and healing to the world in ways large and small that are authentic and unique to each of them.

I invite you to join my amazing community of women who are done settling or playing small and who are stepping into their full power and true purpose right now.

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